Top Study Tips for University Students

By Joshua John- Brandy

So you’re done with school and moving up into the big leagues. You’re excited, but nervous. Part of you looks forward to the freedom of it all, being closer to friends and generally not needing permission from your parents or guardians- but then there’s the other side of you. What if I fail?  What if it’s too hard? How do I study?

Well, down below are a few study tips which should help ease those nerves of yours so you can enjoy the better side of uni-life.

Group study

Things are always better done in pairs, so plan an appropriate time where you can gather with a friend or a couple and try sitting down at a table to work on your different subjects. Not everyone thinks of this as a good idea, especially since some people just tend to be lazy and sit there – but if you haven’t done it before, try it. After all, you’re together, so when you’re all done with your work, go out somewhere: take a stroll, go for a bite, or maybe plan a movie night.

Focus on your negatives

Wait… read this before furrowing them brows. Now, what use is studying the things you know you’re good at? If there’s a subject or a specific topic you need to work on – work on it. Use different resources to help you learn; if books aren’t your style, or reading in general, then use YouTube to your advantage. If you have access to the internet, the world is in your grasp, explore it- take advantage of it. Make them cons your pros, but not vice-versa.

Study spots

Study spots actually matter, and there are plenty of places where you can go to study. If the comfort of your home isn’t enough, step out into the fresh air and take a relaxing stroll to the nearby park, pick a bench and open your books. But make sure there aren’t too many distractions around, and make sure the background noise is subtle, and make sure to keep electronics off – unless listening to background music. If that’s not enough try something different, somewhere quiet like the library or a café. Try different places, different environments, and different backgrounds. Study spots can make a big difference – make sure you have the right one.

Have fun

Live your youthful lives and enjoy it! Have a night out with your friends, but be sensible about it – or stay in and order a pizza, play a few games, invite people over, visit your family. There are so many things to do in life, some would say too much, so there’s guaranteed to be something to make you smile, laugh, or cry happy tears.

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