Bangladesh participates in Global Climate Strike

> Dipto Paul

As part of the largest environmental demonstration happening all over the world, on Friday morning Bangladesh participated in the Global Climate Strike in front of the National Press Club, showing their support for Greta Thunberg.

Students from many different schools and universities, along with their parents, various organizations, members of the Aware Citizens Committee and journalists all attended the strike where they made a human chain.

Strikers displayed banners and placards, and chanted slogans to support the Global Climate Strike.

They demanded 5 points to be addressed by the Bangladeshi government.

1. Reducing the rising rate of the global temperature.
2. Long term climate investment.
3. New and extra climate funding.
4. Justice and fairness in climate investment.
5. Strategic mass participation to implement the Paris agreement.

Though climate change is the biggest issue happening across the world, which could cause the mass extinction of human kind, some of the world’s biggest nations are failing to act. They continue to use coal, oil and gas fuel thinking it is ‘business as usual’, and as a result they are continuing to rapidly warm the world.

Nikita, a school student who came to the strike, told WhatsOn that they participated to help save the environment. “This is the time to act,” she added.

Another striker, Purnima, said: “We all should work collectively so that we can raise our voice globally and I hope this time we will achieve success.”

According to the scientists, if the world’s temperature increases by 2-4 degrees Celsius it will cause irreplaceable and irreversible damage, especially to coastal nations.

As identified by NASA, 10% of the world’s total land will go under water by the year 2050. Bangladesh is in seventh place amongst the nations most harmed by the continuous climate change.

Addressing the Bangladeshi government, Mr. Iftekharuzzaman, executive director of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) said they need to reduce the use of coal in the power plants as well as take necessary steps about this issue as early as possible with regard to other ongoing coal-based projects.

“Those who invest in these coal-based projects, please come away,” he said.

He added: “We have other options like solar panels, hydro-electricity and wind power. As we are in the planning stages those natural resources can be used instead, so make the best use of it as early as possible.”

Earlier this week, Thunberg condemned world leaders at the UN for their “betrayal” of young people after the New York summit failed to deliver ambitious new commitments to address dangerous global heating.

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