How Camping Has Changed Over The Years

Throughout history, camping has been a way for people to connect with nature and themselves.

As time has passed, just like everything else camping and its ways have been changed. Nowadays, modern technology has made camping easier than it was before. While we talk about camping, there is a need to give a brief insight into camping. Generally, camping refers to the activities of people that today consider as a recreation activity to live in a peaceful and quiet place close to nature. Basically, the places include riversides, forests or hilly areas. There are different types of outdoor recreational activities.

Back in the day when explorers, prospectors and others in search of a better way of life crossed the American plains, they had no other option but to set up camp along the way and that was the core emphasis of it, it emerged out of necessity first and eventually transformed into a leisure activity.

According to scholar T.H. Holding, a British camping enthusiast is the Godfather of Camping; in 1906 he published a book called The Camper’s Handbook. Modern-day Boy and Girl scouts were also inspired by the camping culture. The scout activities helped to popularise camping culture among the general mass and people become more interested to spend their leisure time with nature.

There are different kinds of camping that developed over time. These are:

Tent camping:

This is the ancient time camping kind which is beloved to new campers. Tent camping sites often cost less than campsites with full amenities, and most allow direct access by car.

Wild Camping:

Wild camping simply means camping outside of a campground. But one needs the permission of the landowner.


Put all the amenities you need in your backpack and head out to a destination. Backpacking tends to be more hiking-intensive than camping.

Caravan or Recreation Vehicle camping:

Comparative new kind of camping that offers the ability to explore the great outdoors with all every-day comforts.


This modern type of camping ensures comfort. This kind is also known as luxurious camping.

Today, technology has made camping easier and it attracts every age of people. Young folks whenever they got time go for a camping or exploring. Technology upgrades continue to change the face of the camping industry. Compared to how people may have gone camping 50 years ago, today’s campsites have all sorts of gadgets and technologies that were not commonplace in decades past. The invention of a self-inflating mattress, LED camp lighting, Portable BBQs made the camping relaxed with the help of modern science and technology.

>Alma Siddiqua

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