Thailand: Dugong Called ‘Sweetheart’ Dies with Plastic in Stomach

What are we doing with our environment? Throwing plastic everywhere is resulting in the local wildlife consuming it without knowing that is a  poisonous substance.

The rate of discarding  plastic is high at the tourist spots in the world. If we are not responsible and careful enough we should avoid visiting tourist places. Most  beaches and forests are now turning into plastic zones and the wildlife in these areas are being heavily affected by it.

A stranded dugong named Marium, who turned into a web star in the wake of being protected in Thailand in April, has died. Veterinarians that were looking after the dugong off the island of Koh Libong, in southern Thailand’s Trang territory, said a disease brought about by ingesting plastic  caused her death. They included that the loss of the dugong, named “the country’s sweetheart” by Thailand’s division of marine and waterfront assets (DMCR), should fill in as a notice about the impacts of plastic waste on natural life. Matured around four months when she was found, Marium ended up renowned after photographs of her embracing vets were posted on the web and the DMCR set up cameras to Livestream her being nourished . A week ago she gave indications of stress and would not encourage, in the wake of experiencing another dugong in the sea.

Nantarika Chansue, director of Chulalongkorn University’s aquatic animal medicine unit in Bangkok said: “Everyone is sad about this loss, the thing that needs to be resolved, if we’re going to preserve rare marine animals, is to protect the environment for both people and animals.”Last month in Koh Libong, when Marium was in good health, Chansue voiced concern about the potential for a dugong medical crisis.

>Alma Siddiqua


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