Overflowing crowds at the major stations in Dhaka

With Eid-ul-Azha on 12 August, most of the residents of Dhaka city are leaving towards their hometown to celebrate EID with their loved ones.

Major railway and bus stations, as well as ship launches, are all overflowing with huge crowds, as has been seen before in past years.

Today commuters gathered from the early morning at the stations, and the number was increasing hour by hour as Thursday was the last working day in Bangladesh.

As it has been raining from last night until morning, people coming to the stations are facing huge problems and also the schedule of transportation is delayed as a result.

Every train leaving the station is delayed by 3-5 hours. Buses and ship launches are also leaving late.

Because of the overflowing crowds, people are taking risks to their lives, traveling on the rooftops of the trains and buses.

Ashraf Hossain, who decided to travel to RajShahi on the rooftop of a train, said: “I could not manage a ticket to sit. But I have to go home to celebrate EID with my family anyhow. I know it is very risky but I have no choice.”

Another commuter, Mohona, said: “I managed to book a ticket one week ago. I am very happy that I can meet with my family after many long days. The feeling is great.”

The huge pressure of extra buses and cars on the highways has also made the movement very slow. As a result it is taking 4-6 hours more to reach the destination.

Harunur Rashid, a highway traffic policeman, said: “We are trying our best to reduce traffic on the highways. We always think about public safety.

Though the average car speed is very low, we should think about the safety first”.

The government is also providing extra facilities in the stations and roads to try and make the journeys smoother and safer.

> Dipto Paul

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