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Car Rams into Group in Japan Killed Two Children

A car rammed into a group when thirteen children and their teachers were on the pavement near a crossing in western Japan’s Shiga region, on Wednesday that killed two kindergarten children and others are critically injured.

The others injured were taken to the hospital right after the terrible accident but a boy and a girl, both two years old died soon after.

There was no immediate detail of the accident but a television footage showed aftermath of the accident, the car skidded into the group on a side-walk, in Otsu, when another car involved in an accident.

“The accident occurred on a road in Ogaya in Otsu City,” saying this a police spokesman added that, “A car hit a line of about 15 nursery school children out walking. Several people were injured.”

Police also confirmed that the car veered onto the pavement after making “contact” with another larger vehicle that was turning at a junction in Otsu City. A second car also appeared damaged in the accident.

The children were 2- and 3-year-olds from the Leimond Oumi Hoikuen day care centre, located about 200 meters from the scene of the accident.

The investigation is going on to know the accurate reason of the accident.

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