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Doctors Find Four Living Bees in Taiwanese Woman’s Eye

The 29-year-old Taiwanese woman surprised the doctors when she took herself to a hospital this week because of a swollen eye, but doctors found four living bees under her eyelids which were feeding on her tear ducts.

Addressing the incident as “world first” the Doctors of Fooyin University Hospital said that they have managed to extract all four sweat bees alive from her eyes.

The woman was stung more than 200 times Americanized bees.

“I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope slowly, and one at a time without damaging their bodies,” said Dr. Hung Chi-ting.

The woman went to the hospital expecting that she might have a simple infection. She felt like dirt or sand in her eye, the woman said she tried to flush it out with water but was unsuccessful.By that evening, the woman was experiencing sharp pains and watery eyes so she sought out medical advice, according to the outlet.

Despite the fact that sweat honey bees don’t attack people, Dr. Hung said they are pulled in to human sweat and are frequently found close graves, which is the place he proposed the lady gotten the undesirable guests in her eye.

Hung had suspected an infection, but when he looked at He’s eye through a microscope, he saw the tiny legs of the bees wriggling in her ducts, where they were feeding off the moisture and salt of her tears.

The woman is now in good condition.

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