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Four Found Dead in “Multiple Homicide”: North Dakota Business

The property management business in North Dakota town of Mandan caused four people dead after a “Multiple Homicide” on Monday.

Among the four people there were three men and a woman whose bodies were found inside RJR Maintenance and Management in Mandan, a city of about 22,000 just across the Missouri River west of Bismarck, Police Chief Jason Ziegler explained. The dead people were not immediately identified and the cause of the death is not clear yet.

The Mandan Police Department issued a three-sentence news discharge affirming that officers had discovered “a few people who were perished inside” the business in the city of around 22,000 right over the Missouri River west of Bismarck.

“It’s quite a large crime scene, so it’s not something that’s going to be easy for us to get in and do quickly,” said Ziegler.

According to the authorities, the building has many surveillance cameras and searching for other building’s video footage which can relevant to go forward.

“The crime scene is contained to where it’s at, and there is no evidence based upon what we see that the public at large is in any danger from what happened there,” saying this Ziegler added, “It looks like an isolated incident.”

After the incident people with friends or loved ones who work at RJR Maintenance and Management gathered beyond a police line outside the property, worried for news about those inside.

Judy Praus, a friend of the owner’s family and had just seen them at a restaurant Saturday and she informed that she knew a lot of employees, and had no details on any of them.

Natasha Towne said her brother, Adam Fuehrer, has worked at the business for around eight years. She said she didn’t know his status and was disappointed at the absence of news. She declined to talk further.

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