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No Survivors from Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 passenger jet to Nairobi crashed early on Sunday with 149 passengers and eight crew members aboard. According to the state broadcaster, there were no survivors and the flight was carrying passengers from 33 countries. The flight left Bole airport in Addis Ababa at 8.38am local time (6.38am GMT), before losing contact with the control tower just a few minutes later at 8.44am.

Flight ET 302 crashed near the town of Bishoftu, 62km (38 miles) south-east of the capital Addis Ababa, the airline said, adding that the aircraft was a Boeing 737-800 MAX, registration number ET-AVJ. The airline said: “Search and rescue operations are in progress and we have no confirmed information about survivors or any possible casualties.” On its Twitter feed, the flight-tracking website Flightradar24 said, the flight had unstable vertical speed after takeoff. At Nairobi airport, many people were waiting at the gate, with no information from airport authorities. The Ethiopian prime minister’s office sent condolences via Twitter to the families of those lost in the crash.

Another mishap happened Saturday in New York where Turkish Airlines flight 1 hit the turbulence. The flight carrying 326 passengers and 18 crew members “encountered unusual turbulence about 40 minutes before landing” in New York. With 30 people suffering bumps, bruises, cuts and a broken leg before the flight landed safely. It was the second mishap on Saturday involving a plane in the New York metropolitan area. Earlier in the day, Newark Liberty international airport temporarily closed its runways after a flight from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale made an emergency landing with smoke in its cargo hold.

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