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Terror Attack in Jammu Bus Stand: Number of Injured People Rising

A grenade has been exploded in the restive state of Jammu at a bus stop that rocked the busy SRTC bus stand, on Thursday which injured more than 28 people and the toll is rising.

Reportedly, around 28 people are under treatment and 3 more are in serious condition. Among them one has been identified as 17-year-old Md Sharik, a resident of Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

“There is no death in the incident but around 26 people have been injured. Eleven of the injured belonged to Kashmir, eight to Jammu and six others from different states,” said Ramesh Kumar, deputy commissioner of Jammu.

As the blast is the third terror attack since last ten months, the incident amid tensions among people.

“It seems that the grenade was lobbed from outside [the premises] and it rolled under the bus and caused injuries to approximately 18 people,” said MK Sinha, a police official.

“A grenade was hurled by an unidentified person which exploded under a bus in the main terminal. The bus was about to leave to Pathankot city in Punjab.”

Police are suspecting that the grenade probably rolled under a parked bus before it went off around 11.30 a.m.

The authorities asked the people from the crime scene and one eyewitness described, “I thought it was a tyre burst. It was a big blast. The locals took the injured to the hospital in an ambulance”.

“The police is working on all the leads. We are collecting evidence and we will hunt them down,” a police officer told reporters.

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