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Momo Suicide Challenge Killing Children: UK Parents in Fear

The momo challenge is a latest online game that is alleged form of cyberbullying, encourages young people to harm themselves and also take their own lives that has been reported in the UK for the first time.

The game is taking over the virtual world and spreading through social media and cell phones. A creepy image of a woman with building eyes, a twisted smile described as a WhatsApp “suicide challenge” who sends young people images and instructions on how to harm themselves and others.

Phone users are lured to contact a client named “Momo”, they get realistic dangers from the client and are told to play out a progression of hazardous errands.

A seven year old boy’s mother being concerned wrote on a local Facebook group that her son had been encouraged by the game.

“When I collected him from school the teacher asked to talk to me. She said he had made three kids cry by telling them that Momo was going to go into their room at night and kill them,” saying this she added “When we got home I spoke to him about this and he told me some kids at school had told him to look at the Momo challenge, which he did.”

The horrible character encourages people to message it through WhatsApp where it sends worrying instructions.

The game was reaching worldwide proportions in July of 2018, the number of actual complaints is relatively small, and no police force has confirmed that anyone was actually harmed.

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