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California Plane Crash: 5 People Dead

Killing five people and injuring two others, a small plane crashed in the residential area of southern California on Sunday, around 9p.m. shortly after taking off from the Fullerton Municipal Airport.

A twin-engine Cessna 414A crashed into the residential area of Yorba Linda, which caused fire and the pilot with the four occupants of the house are dead and two other have been injured.

Lt. Cory Martino, Orange County Sheriff has confirmed the news at a news conference Sunday night.

“Two people with moderate injuries were transported to a local hospital following the crash,” said The Orange County Fire Authority.

“Four people inside the home were also killed. The deceased were described as two males and two females,” said The NTSB on Sunday.

The witness described that the plane seemed to burst into flames and break down mid-air before destruction descended upon the area at Crestknoll and Glendale drives, setting two homes ablaze.

Video showed plane parts scattered on the ground and on rooftops and residents of the house trying to fight with the fire that set by the crash.

The aviation accident investigator, Eliott Simpson investigated the scene and said debris was scattered over four blocks and a nearby elementary school will be closed tomorrow.

“It was a boom, pop. I run outside thinking somebody hit my daughter’s car,” saying this Laurie Stockstill, the witness added that “I look up. I see this huge piece. I don’t know what it was. You can just watch it in slow motion. Then I see a big cloud of smoke go up. Oh my God, it was just awful. By the time I got from here to my backyard, the house was just burning.”

Kenitzer said, both FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash.

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