Sweden: Pregnant Woman Forcibly Dragged off from Metro

Race and Globalization have a complex relation. As they depend on each other because with the help of globalization the global citizen idea popularized on the other hand because of globalization specific racial identity and its importance realized by the entities. Globalization helping people and cultures to be mingled yet racism exists like a scar in the societies.

Incident caught on video of a pregnant woman being forcibly aloof from the Stockholm metro by security guard prompts accusations of racism. Swedish police have launched two separate investigations over the incident. The video was widely shared on social media, with several commenter’s grumbling that the guards had below the belt targeted a Black woman and expressing shock that her girl was left to cry whereas her mother was being controlled down. SL said in a statement the woman was caught without a valid ticket and given a penalty fare, which she refused to pay. When she was asked to leave the metro she “started to scream and resist”, the company said, adding that guards were entitled to “reject or apprehend persons who are disturbing the order”.

Swedish public radio SR said Stockholm police were investigating the incident at the Hötorget station on Thursday evening as a potential case of misconduct and assault by the guards, but also “violent resistance” by the woman, who was travelling with her young daughter. The two guards have been suspended pending a third inquiry by the metro operator, SL. Henrik Palmér from SL told the state broadcaster, SVT that, “There are many mobile phone videos posted about this that suggest that the security guards were too forceful. Unfortunately, it can be complicated to make rational judgments in these situations. Things get stressful. Evidently, it seems that this incident was not handled correctly from beginning to end”. The woman and other witnesses confirmed Swedish media that, the guards had grabbed and manhandled her after she told them she had a valid travel pass but could not find it, and despite her trying to explain she could not get off the train because she was tired and in pain.

> Alma Siddiqua

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