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Apple’s FaceTime Bug Allows People to Hear Users Without Picking Up The Call

A weird bug of Apple’s facetime has been discovered by the customers that allows users to hear other facetime users even if they haven’t answered the FaceTime call which also shows the video of the users before receiving the call which is a big issue of privacy.

The bug has been verified by nine.com.au which seems to rely on the FaceTime Group Call feature launched by Apple last year.

Amid nine.com.au’s trying, the beneficiary’s voice could be heard without them noting the call. Hitting the volume rocker additionally demonstrated video as revealed.

To trigger the bug, you need to first call the person you want to listen in on. While it’s ringing, then create a group FaceTime call, putting in your phone number when it asks for the number of another person.

The bug allows a caller when call somebody on FaceTime and consequently start hearing the other individual before they get the call. The other individual doesn’t even know that the caller can hear them.

9to5Mac has recreated the FaceTime bug with an iPhone X calling an iPhone XR, however it is accepted to influence any combine of iOS gadgets running iOS 12.1 or later.

The update version will fix the bug, said Apple.

“We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,” said Apple spokesman.

Until the update comes the users have to take care of their privacy.

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