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Mutilated and Dismembered Body of A Teenager Found in Gaya

A mutilated and dismembered body of a teen girl found in Gaya, a city in Bihar state on Sunday who was missing since December 28.

Eastern India police are saying that the girl is murdered by her family because of a so-called “honour” killing as she eloped from the house, While the victim’s family alleged rape and inaction by the police.

The family is saying that they waited two days when the girl was missing and then they went to the police. They asserted that cops at Buniyadganj police headquarters had declined to take their dissension, suspecting it to be an instance of elopement.

They asserted a FIR was stopped on January 4 after nearby media’s intercession. The police, in any case, denied all charges and said it is an instance of disrespect slaughtering.
The girl’s family has alleged that the girl was killed after being gang-raped.

“The woman eloped with any person on December 28 from her house in Patwa Panchayat however returned after 3 days. This angered the forgoes, who plotted the cold-blooded homicide with the assistance of a butcher good friend,” said Rajiv Kumar Mishra, Gaya’s police leader, also added “It’s a case of honour killing.”

The issue became known after several individuals took out a dissent walk Wednesday evening requesting a quick examination for the situation. The dissidents claimed the young lady had been “raped and murdered”.

“It looks to be a case of honour killing. When we first tried to meet the girl’s family, we were not allowed. When the police talked to the family, the girl’s younger sister said the girl had returned on December 31 after she had gone missing on December 28. As the girl was last seen with a friend of the girl’s father, we have arrested him and the girl’s parents,” said Rajiv Mishra to The Indian Express.

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