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WhatsOn Announces Annual Award Winners!

On 28 December 2018, WhatsOn hosted an awards presentation in honour of the talented activists, students and contributors who work to make the project a success.

This event gives a platform to the younger generation and upcoming artists to connect and celebrate their creativity. It reflects the commitment of WhatsOn, which strives to help, support and develop the skills of young people who are preparing for their careers. This annual programme offers a real chance to come together with artists, writers, contributors, friends and family. Bringing all of these people together is in important step in making WhatsOn more effective and successful.

The party began with the National Anthem, led by all WhatsOn staff and guests. Setsu, Director of WhatsOn began with a welcome speech. During the night, WhatsOn provided awards in twelve categories, including: Best Band, Best Singers, Best Writers and Best Videographers. It is really encouraging to the people who are striving to develop their own values and skills to receive recognition for their hard work.

Later on, Suborna performed her excellent Lalon Folk Songs and some of the children of the WhatsOn family showcased some wonderful performances! Sakib recited an English poem, Seki played Violin and Wasif played his own music on the Spanish piano.

The award for Best Band was swept up by Lampost. They were handed their prize by the Brigradier General, Munir Alim. Aung Rakhine won the award for Best Videography, presented by Dr Rumana Alim. Best Writing went to Pratyusha Mukherjee, awarded by Saruar Bari, Secretary of State.

After all the awards were presented, the Managing Director of WhatsOn, Sam Alim, gave thanks to his parents for their consistent support and talked about the core values of WhatsOn. The audience was then treated to an amazing set of songs by Lampost and ended with dinner and a DJ party!

Thank you to everyone who made the WhatsOn Awards Party a huge success!

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