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Indonesia Landslide : 15 Dead, 20 Missing

Just weeks after deadly tsunami another landslide in Indonesia that crashed into a hilly village main island of West Java’s Sukabumi district caused by the heavy rain and volcano left 15 people dead and 20 still missing.

More than 500 Rescuers, including police, residents were trying to search for damaged people and they rescued 15 people till now.

“Sixty people who lost their homes were forced to move to a temporary shelter,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho a spokeman of National Disaster Mitigation Agency.

“Lack of equipment, bad weather and blackout hampered our rescue efforts for those who are still missing and feared dead,” said Nugroho.

TV video demonstrated relatives moaning as they watched rescuers pull a mud-solidified body from a crushed village. It was set in a blue sack and removed for entombment.

Specialists attempted to bring tractors and other substantial hardware over washed-out streets after heavy rains sent mud and shakes smashing onto the bumpy villages. Many police, officers and inhabitants burrowed through the trash with their exposed hands, scoops and diggers as overwhelming precipitation prevented their endeavors.

Oka Astawa, head of the operations described that the six bodies were found under 4 metres of mud and rescuers also pulled out four injured people, including an infant who died in a hospital.

Near twenty residents are still believed to be missing.

Seasonal downpours and high tides as of late have caused many avalanches and boundless flooding crosswise over quite a bit of Indonesia, a chain of 17,000 islands where a huge number of individuals live in uneven territories or close rich surge fields near waterways.

The landslide occurred during New Year’s Eve celebrations and left people in worry which almost ruined the staring of a new year.

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