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39 Suspicious People Arrested in Hammersmith Stabbing Case

A 30 years aged man stabbed in Fulham Palace Road of Hammersmith, on Monday but managed to save his life and following the deadly violence 39 suspicious people arrested who were coming out from a house party in the early hours of New Year’s Eve.

Suspected 20 men and 15 women released who are still under investigation, 2 boys and 2 girls are released on bell, Metropolitan police comfirmed the news.

The incident happened near 1 am and till then the victim is in hospital and after a terrible fight with his life he is in a stable condition now.

“The violence started with a “minor argument” in a shop on neighbouring Fulham Palace Road,” said Scotland Yard.

According to the witness, around 50 police officers came to the spot with dog handlers and to speak with a large number of people who were inside, lined them up for questioning against a wall.

“Whilst it is unusual for so many people to be arrested in the early stages of an investigation such as this, due to a lack of cooperation and the necessity of securing essential evidence following a serious assault, this action was appropriate,” said Supt Mark Lawrence.

“I was looking out of the window. I heard a man saying ‘leave him, leave him’ and then ‘get him’, and the person who must have done the stabbing shouting, ‘come on then, come on then,” said another under cover witness.

“Then I heard someone say, ‘no, don’t do it’. It was a girl’s voice. She was the only one talking sense there.”

“What appears to have been a minor argument has resulted in a man sustaining life-threatening injuries,” said Superintendent Mark Lawrence.

As police investigation continued, the Fulham Palace Road remained closed later on Monday morning.

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