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Berlin: World’s First no-Kill Eggs go on Sale

No-kill eggs are not dreams anymore as the world’s first of its kind are now on sale in Berlin. This becomes possible when German scientists found an easy way to determine a chick’s gender before it hatches.

The patented “ Seleggt” process can find out the sex of a chick just nine days after an egg has been fertilised. Male eggs are processed into animal feed, leaving only female chicks to hatch at the end of a 21-day incubation period. This could probably put an end to the annual live shredding of billions of male chicks worldwide.

“Seleggt” managing director Dr Ludger Breloh said“If you can determine the sex of a hatching egg you can entirely dispense with the culling of live male chicks,” He runs the four-year programme by German supermarket Rewe Group to make its own-brand eggs more sustainable.

This process serves animal rights as an estimated 4-6 billion male chick has been killed globally every year because they serve no economic purpose. The next thing scientists are going to experiment on is to find out a mechanism to make the test easy for everyday use.
> Alma Siddiqua

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