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Solo Holiday Travel Ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Are you a person who loves travelling and enjoys adventures alone. Here are 5 places you can enjoy during this Christmass.


This destination often recommended by the solo travellers and if you’re thinking this New year especially for you with so many unknown faces around you can try out amazing Iceland.


Another destination you can choose is Marrakech. Where You’ll get to enjoy the wonders of the city, the monuments, the souks, the food, a camel ride, skiing in the Atlas Mountains, or a day trip to the surrounding villages. The city is amazing where you can enjoy sunny weather in winter.


You would be wondered with the beauty of this amazing country. Being alone is not always bad but it helps you to explore the new destinations without any bindings and in your own ways.  One can go to Bosingak to count down the New Year.


This mesmerising country and its city LaPaz would wonder you. one can go anywhere and enjoy the lovely weather this winter.


Lovely Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Hawaii would definitely fill your heart with joy and happiness. On Christmas Day You can enjoy dinner and opening presents of different people. Beach lovers can enjoy the aura and serenity of Christmas here.

> Alma Siddiqua

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