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5 Tips to Keep the Skin Healthy this Winter


Our skin is very sensitive to us and we always want a healthy glowing skin. Different times of the year the skin needs different types of care and nourishment. Here are 5 tips to keep your skin hydrated and healthy in this winter.

1.Do not Stop Using Sunscreen: its winter and no need for sunscreen this is a common thinking but we should not stop using the sun cream. The UVB must be less around winter but UVA that is insignificant level and responsible for ageing our skin. So do not stop using sunscreen.

2. Follow Daily Hydrating Routine: Winter makes our skin dry. Cold in the outside and central heat in inside home may cause imbalance and skin need proper moisturize. One needs to follow the skin hydrating routine this winter.

3. Use Ankle Socks: Feet often become dry and cracked in the winter. Applying an effective moisturizer always helps, but for many there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Using ankle socks helps while sleeping after applying glycerin or any other moisturizer.

4. Healthy Warm Bath: Bathing helps the body to restore energy and it’s a relaxing method as well. In winter a healthy warm bath with moisturizing antibacterial soap helps to keep the body skin healthy.

5. Do not Forget to do Facial: Winter skin is often dull, so a professional facial about every three to four weeks would help. But in the meantime, one can do home treatments as well.

> Alma Siddiqua

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