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ZEISS Lenses with UVProtect Technology

This year, world-renowned optics manufacturer, ZEISS, is raising its standard of eye care by including full UV protection in all clear plastic lenses. ZEISS Lenses now provide full protection against UV rays up to 400 nm, the same level as premium sunglasses and the level of UV protection recommended by the World Health Organization.

Most of us know UV rays can damage our skin. However, many people don’t realise UV exposure can also be harmful to the eyes, causing accelerated ageing of the skin around the eyes, cataracts even cancers.
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To protect the skin, we wear sunscreen, but we often don’t have many options when it comes to protecting our eyes. Glasses can offer some form of UV protection, but currently not all spectacle lenses provide the same level of protection.

Many of us also think of UV as a “summer issue”, however, UV radiation is always present all year round, in all weather conditions. In fact, when the Autumn sun is low in the sky, the total amount of UV radiation your eyes are exposed to dramatically increases. To start caring for eyes today, find local ZEISS optician at www.zeiss.com/uvprotect and for more info click at www.zeiss.com.my/vision-care.

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