SIGG Water Bottle Review

SIGG is the worlds leading aluminium water bottle manufacturer and still manufactures in the same village in Switzerland where it all started 110 years ago.

SIGG makes bottles that will last a lifetime but they are also 100% recyclable!

We set up for 2 completely different views and usage of the SIGG bottles to understand why they are still “Alive”.

I had the challenge of trying the SIGG Hot & Cold ONE. A double-walled stainless steel bottle combined with an easy-to-use handed opening.

For me the brushed aluminium does the trick. Don’t get me wrong the soft feel ones look and feel lush, like some of the staff at WhatsOn said, but give me raw brushed aluminium and it I looks and feels that I can throw anything I can at it…which I did.

Nothing like a climb to Snowden to test it. One bottle with hot boiling coffee and another one with, out of the fridge, cold water. The first thing you notice is that the lid is not your normal SIGG bottle lid. It has a safety lock (handy and not fussy like some other solutions) and you truly can open it with one hand.

Another detail is that you can still have your hoop on the top of the lid which you cant do with a lot of other steel solutions forcing to buy accessories to adapt a way of latching or carrying the bottle…not with SIGG.

“All of this allows easy drinking on the train, in the car and in urban life situations – safely locked after use.” Spot on.

Hot drink went in at 6:30 am..tried to drink it at 11:20, burned my tongue. Tried to drink it at 1pm…burned my lip! Tried to drink it at 4pm…still burned my tongue!!!

I used a Thermos in various conditions. Although I did not do anything extreme with it, my normal commute implies having it chucked around a bag in train, bus, floor and office use. I do not see any scratches on it.

Therefore, I can undoubtedly say that this product is really solid when it comes to performance. The most important feature of the bottle is the time in which it keeps the temperature of liquids. I have not found any disadvantage in the SIGG “thermos”.

It looks very Gorgeous in white. High quality materials, beautiful design, an extremely comfortable mug and tea maker made me fell in love it.

I totally recommend it to everyone !! I think this was self explanatory about the solutions available and make ours the message that SIGG transmits..

The full range can be viewed in retailers across Europe or at our website

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