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E-cigarettes help to quit smoking and are definitely safer than smoking. Nasty Juice are a Malaysian e-liquid company that has reached worldwide fame with their range of exotic and fruity juice flavored e-liquids. In April 2016 Nasty Juice entered the UK Market and very soon became a household name amongst vapers in UK.

Nasty Juice have launched a full variety of flavors in different series for vapers. They have mastered fruity flavors with their trademark low mint that is included in majority of their flavors.
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From a relatively unknown brand, Nasty Juice evolved into the leading e-liquid manufacturer in the world taking the vaping Industry by storm. Confirmation of their leadership in the Industry came at the 2018 Vaper Expo Awards in Birmingham when Nasty Juice picked up the Industry Leaders Award. This carved their brand in stone and certified them as the biggest and leading brand in the world for vaping.

However, not only do Nasty Juice create fruity flavors but they have also created a Tobacco Series to reach out to a wider audience. This allowed them to expand their audience and reach out to more customers to give them an experience to vape Nasty Juice with their preferred flavors, whether it be fruity, or tobacco based. Not only do they sell their flavors, but they also have blogs uploaded on their websites for people who want to quit smoking and need more information.

All of Nasty Juices flavors are sold on their website at Promo Code ‘student25’ will give customers a 25% Discount on all purchases.

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