For the Sake of the World

When> 3 November
Where> Bethel Convention Centre, Birmingham, B70 7JW

Throughout the developing world people are experiencing famine, displacement, war, hunger, sickness and fear. Here in the UK there are high levels of unemployment, substance abuse, homelessness and fractured families resulting in increased isolation, intolerance and hopelessness.

‘For the Sake of the World’ is a mission focused prayer conference that crosses cultural barriers to see the Body of Christ come together. Their slogan is “To see change, we need to unite. It is time to make a stand. Together, we pray.”

MAF is partnering with Betty King Ministries, Prayer Storm, Elim Missions, Missio Africanus and Kingdom Worship Movement to come together to worship and learn how to be in the best position to intercede.

Participants will hear about the wider missional needs across the globe: specifically looking at planting churches in the global south, reaching the remote and isolated, as well as the challenges of the mission field to those who feel called to the UK.

Door> 9.45am – 9:00pm

Entry> £15/ £5 Concession

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