5 Styles for Men This Winter

Winter is knocking at the door. It’s time to style up. Literally it is one of the coolest months for style dressing. Today we are focusing on men’s winter styles in dressing.

1.Cable Knit & Denim

First one could be the combination of Cable Knit & Denim that also known as an Aran sweater. Originally the cable knit was used to represent a fisherman’s ropes, and wearing one would act as a lucky charm for a fruitful day at sea. Today, it becomes a fashion statement.

2 .Cropped Jacket & Jogger Pants


This winter one can find warmth and unique and cool style with jogger pants in a tailored silhouette. The cropped jacket looks like a Harrington, bomber or varsity jacket – all with a zip-through closure and symmetrical face. Do not forget to wear combined sneakers.

3.Heritage Blazer & Denim


Blazer and Denim is always cool as winter style. So one can easily choose a heritage blazer and denim combination offers a textural, dapper pairing for winter.

4.Denim Jacket & Wool Trousers


You will be ready for this winter with the casual style Denim jeans have been a casual staple for decades. But this season the cotton-weaved, indigo-dyed cloth gets a reworking, appearing dominantly as a denim jacket to be worn over wool trousers.

5.Black Leather & Plain Tee

Perfect for winter cold with maintaining the style Leather is another material one can easily choose.  As a jacket, sticking to leather that is black adds some sleekness to your wardrobe, and is an an easy feat to do so.

> Alma Siddiqua


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