HangZing Review

This is actually rather genius.

A hangover cure, in a bottle, that is curiously shaped to embody a mix between a medicinal container and a soft drink vessel – who knew?

First things first, this is HangZing, the UK’s first drinkable hangover supplement – fact. It was developed with purpose to fight those dreaded hangovers and does so with its marvellous blend of naturally functional ingredients.

Available in 2 fresh flavours – Lychee & Lemongrass and Garden Mint – these revolutionary products battle the after-effects of alcohol consumption in various ways.

Discomfort is eased with the soothing additions of Aloe Vera and Vitamin C, and many other ingredients (sodium, potassium and calcium, to name a few) replenish the nutrients that are lost during a heavy session totting.

Forget Maccy D’s or fizzy cola; HangZing is an effective means of revitalisation that is healthy and scientifically formulated.

HangZing could be your new best friend! Give it a try if you like to party hard, but, as always, remember to drink responsibly!

Visit hangzing.com.


Customer Satisfaction ****
Quality *****
Value for Money ****

> Hannah Montgomery

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