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John Williams Vs Hans Zimmer Review

The concert at the Birmingham Symphony Hall,  John Williams Vs Hans Zimmer, was conducted by Antony Inglis.

It was a celebration of perhaps the two most prolific film score composers today. With Antony Inglis conducting the London Symphony Orchestra; we revisited classic movie soundtracks composed by both John Williams and Hans Zimmer.

The repertoire of John Williams included soundtracks for Jaws, Close Encounter of The Third Kind, ET, Jurassic Park, Superman, and of course Star Wars. For Hans Zimmer we were reintroduced to the movie soundtracks for Batman, Gladiator, Inception, Pirates of The Caribbean and Interstellar.

Antony Inglis conducts with great flare, passion and a great deal of humour. We saw him humorously pulling his shirt down to the chest to reveal a huge Superman symbol. In other moments he mimicked the voice of Darf Vader from Star Wars and wore the full costume when depicting Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The concert was a soaring festival of exhilarating music, humour and celebration. The audience was at times enraptured, other times completely silent and always attentive to almost every note played. The conductor as well as the orchestra received a standing ovation. We thoroughly enjoyed as did the audience of all ages. Superb.

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