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Orange Is The New Black Season 6: Trailer Released

Netflix has released the full-length trailer for season six of Orange Is the New Black.

The new season picks up a week after season five’s cliffhanger, when the Litchfield inmates were being transported elsewhere after their riot. And this latest trailer confirms what was hinted at in a teaser released in June: Piper, Taystee, Suzanne, Gloria, Red, Nicky, and the rest of the cast are now in a maximum-security prison.

Alex (Laura Prepon) is the only inmate who doesn’t appear in the trailer. “Where is Alex?” Piper asks of her new fiancee, while questioning where the familiar faces have gone. “Don’t you think it’s weird we’re the only people in here?”

The inmates are splintered off into new groups — factions that, for the first time, do not appear to be defined by race. As Piper explains to a pink-clad Suzanne, it’s the blue khakis v. the brown ones, with the pink ones remaining “safe” out there. “This isn’t home, this is not home,” says a worried Suzanne, aka Crazy Eyes, to which a guard replies, “It is now.”

The trailer also treats viewers to the return of a familiar face: fan-favorite Lolly (Lori Petty), who hasn’t been seen since season four. At the time, she took the fall for Alex, who murdered Kubra’s hitman, and was dragged off to a psychiatric ward.

Back in February 2016, the streaming giant renewed the hit prison drama for three seasons taking it through to season seven, with executive producer and showrunner Jenji Kohan also committed to stay with the show until season seven.

Orange Is the New Black‘s 13-episode sixth season arrives 27 July on Netflix.

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