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WhatsOn Uttara University Visit

A team of WhatsOn Bangladesh has recently visited the Uttara University where they got to meet the students, teachers and The Chairperson of English Literature and Language department and explored their cultural engagements and their thoughts regarding WhatsOn.

A team of two-person set their ride to the University in the morning where the teachers welcome them with a warm greeting. Later they introduced them with the students where the WhatsOn team got to talk to them about their vision and distributed magazines among them.

After that, they visited the central library of Uttara university and talked with the students about their interest in writing, hobbies and their interest in WhatsOn Academy which is about to open from August.

The meeting with Prof. Haspia Bashirullah, the chairperson of the English Department was really amazing. The team got to show her the different editions of WhatsOn Asia Guide which she appreciated with the warm heart.

After discussing the events which the WhatsOn team is intent to host engaging the students and faculty of the university, the got to take photos with her.

On their way back towards the gate of the university, sound of guitar and music held them for a second which they find out their auditorium where the students were enjoying their leisure time.

The snacks and tea from their canteen were really refreshing which increased their desire to visit the university once again.


> Shatabdi Sarker Poushi

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