Ocean’s 8

Debbie Ocean is released from prison and assures prison staff that she is ready to live a quiet life, on the straight and narrow. No more funny business. However, once she’s passed the gates, she sets her plan in motion. She starts reaching out to previous criminal associates and people she knows she will need to bring her plan to fruition. Her plan: to steal one of the most dazzling and expensive pieces of jewelery from around a celebrities neck while she is attending the world renowned Met Gala.

Ocean’s 8 is a fun movie to watch. With some elements reminiscent of the original Ocean’s Eleven films, a female cast brings a freshness and originality to the heist genre. Each character gets their world deserved screen time, each with their unique personality, and have their own role to play as the plan unfolds. This film is funny and the heist plan has enough twists and turns to keep audiences entertained throughout. Ocean’s 8 is a thoroughly enjoyable and entertainment film, a perfect summer watch on a hot day. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

> Naomi Round

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