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House of Cards Season 6: New Teaser Trailer with President Claire Underwood

On Wednesday, in the spirit of July 4th, Netflix released a House of Cards Season 6 teaser with a message from Claire.

The tweet is very simple “A message from the President of the United States.” In the video, Claire sits in Abraham Lincoln’s place on the Lincoln Memorial statue in D.C. She looks into the camera and chillingly delivers the one line: “Happy Independence Day…to me.” After the message comes a blank screen with the hashtag #MyTurn.

The series’ sixth and final season is the first without its former lead Kevin Spacey. He was supposed to return for the final season, but the sexual assault allegations against him from multiple men, including actor Anthony Rapp, prompted his firing.

Netflix not only reduced its episode order from 13 down to eight but also scrapped two episodes that had already been filmed with Spacey at the helm. Subsequently, it was annonced that Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane would join up with the cast for its final run of episodes.

Spacey and Wright have led the show as the power-hungry power couple throughout the show’s five seasons. Season five of House of Cards ended with Frank Underwood resigning as U.S. President and being replaced by Claire, who manipulates Frank to take control of the White House and denies him his hopes for a presidential pardon for his many misdeeds.

Season six of House of Cards will return in autumn 2018, streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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