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Florence + the Machine – High as Hope

Florence + the Machine is back with a new album full as unique as the four that came before it. ‘High as Hope’ can be described as a coming of age album for Florence + the Machine. For this new album, Florence Welch drops some of her most identifiable traits in favor of a more introspective and self-exploratory ten track masterpiece.

The lyrics explore the intricacy of adult life, look back on her memories of childhood and, in a way, draw a clear path between the two – lyrics that will without a doubt speak to many. With the release ‘Sky Full of Song’ and ‘Hunger’ fans already had reason to get excited. It was obvious that a fresh and truly unique album was on its way.

Florence has dropped her war drums and cries and taken up a calmer and more mature sound, a sign of musical evolution that fans should not be afraid of. High as Hope is still very much Florence + the Machine-y.

The tracks are all still full of exquisite instrumental arrangements and hauntingly beautiful lyrics and melodies. Florence + the Machine have done it once again – kept true to their style while still managing to deliver a new and exciting fourth album that fans will undoubtedly relish.

> Naomi Round

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