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Years & Years – Palo Santo

This album is achingly cool. It somehow manages to make for easy listening whilst also being super catchy with its lively beats and slick rhymes.

Years & Years have a unique sound, what with Olly’s smooth vocals really complementing the instrumentals in each track, and this album shows off the true breadth of the band’s talent with its varied song list.

‘Palo Santo’ kicks off with the snappy ‘Sanctify’ and is followed by another 3 fast-paced tracks that are irresistibly appealing. ‘Hypnotised’ is up next, slowing things down with its low-key arrangement, gorgeous vocals and romantic lyrics – it is a seriously stunning song.

‘Rendezvous’ picks up the pace with its sultry sound and this, along with ‘If You’re Over Me’ and ‘Lucky Escape’, adds another dimension to the album.

‘Palo Santo’ has a seductive synth-pop sound and the short but sweet ‘Here’ acts as the perfect end note with its velvety vocal and choir-esque format.

Overall ‘Palo Santo’ is a polished piece offering up a variety of punchy numbers. There’s emotion, boldness, depth and energy, which, when combined, results in an album that is both relaxing and rhythmic.

Years & Years are effortlessly edgy and there is something dreamy about this album. The track-list is really strong so choosing favourites is quite difficult, but I would say that ‘Sanctify’, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Hypnotised’ stand out the most.

May the success of this Brit band long continue with the delivery of this accomplished album – for Years & Years!

> Hannah Montgomery

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