Demi Lovato Gig Review

Pop songstress Demi Lovato put on one heck of a show on her ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ tour, and WhatsOn had the pleasure of attending her Birmingham gig last Friday.

There was high energy routines, dreamy, emotional ballads, fiery dance tracks and lots of bumping and grinding!

Demi set the stage alight with her sexy outfits and raunchy moves, and she also flirted with the audience, claiming she hadn’t yet found a European boyfriend (or girlfriend) yet!

The crowds were super excited for the show and enjoyed listening to the support act Joy’s smooth and sultry set whilst waiting for Demi to grace the stage.

Video clips were shown throughout the show, which added a cute visual touch to proceedings and helped to introduce some of the songs before Demi appeared to impress the masses.

There was a great mix of slow and upbeat songs, and the production really rocked, as Demi even performed one of her tracks whilst lying on a huge bed dressed in a stunning white ensemble.

The backing dancers and singers were super talented and their enthusiasm was really apparent as they strutted and sashayed across the platform.

Demi delighted the audience with her quick outfit changes and commanded the stage with her sensuality and confidence.

One of the best moments was when Demi introduced a kiss cam, the classic American publicity tool, and encouraged everyone shown on the screen to give whoever was next to them a smooch! This went on for the course of entire song and kept the crowds grinning and giggling as the camera flitted from couple to couple.

In summary, this was a massively enjoyable show that had it all: emotion, sex appeal, LGBT love and pure pop perfection.

Demi rules!


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