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Bad Boys Spinoff ‘L.A.’s Finest’ Ordered to Series

L.A.’s Finest, the Bad Boys television spinoff starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba has been given a 13-episode straight-to-series order by Charter Communications and will premiere exclusively on their Spectrum network. The series helms from Sony Pictures TV, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, and 2.0 Entertainment.

The story picks up with Gabrielle Union’s Bad Boys II character, Sydney ‘Syd’ Burnett as she moves to Los Angeles. Syd is leaving life’s complications behind in Miami, hoping for a fresh start across the country in sunny Southern California. She joins the LAPD and is partnered with Jessica Alba’s character, fellow detective and working mom, Nancy McKenna.

Charter will make it the first major series for Spectrum Original Content. Charter, the second-largest U.S. cable operator, had 16.6 million video subscribers as of June 2017. According to Nielsen, there are nearly 120 million TV homes in the country.

Sony TV took out the action pilot, a spinoff from the Bad Boys movie franchise, immediately after the project’s original network, NBC, passed on it. Charter Communications emerged as a likely potential home, starting talks with Sony TV just days later.

With elaborate action sequences, LA’s Finest was one of the highest-profile and most expensive pilots this season, with its budget said to be around $12 million.

Additional cast for the series includes Ernie Hudson as Joseph Burnett, Zack Gilford as Ben Walker, Duane Martin as Ben Baines, and Ryan McPartlin as Patrick McKenna.

L.A.’s Finest will premiere in 2019.

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