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Supersonic Festival Review

Supersonic promotes the most challenging and experimental music. Whether it’s brutalising electronica, hard EDM, noise, doom psyche or bombastic black metal, it’s here. If there’s anything more extreme, no doubt it would eventually end up at Supersonic. This is a festival not afraid to take chances.

With a theme that suggested Ritual, the graphical work of Wolfbat unleashed strange, totemic creatures across the sprawling three stages/spaces, keeping an eye on the absurdist happenings. There was definitely a sense of ritualistic celebration with large audience processions between spaces, as acts of worship. And so many artistes to worship. Whether it was the pummelling bass harmonics of Gnod, and Cattle or the processed electrical tones of Mark Korven or the sultry synth pop of Vanishing Twin, or Gazelle Twin with their devilish presence and abrupt hard techno, or the imposing and liturgical black metal of festival closers Wolves In The Throne Room there was always a mystical air to proceedings. Though a special mention must go out to the festival highlight- Terminal Cheesecake, who reminded everyone where today’s doom, noisecore and modern psyche originated from.
Behind all this musical chaos was a very well organised event. Everything ran on time, always things to do, workshops and talks, and it was family friendly. The tagline for the Festival is ‘for the curious’. If you approach it in that context and this could be most inspiring musical event.


Customer Satisfaction *****
Quality *****
Value for Money *****


> Satpal Kalsi

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