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Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI), summer school July 23-August 3, in Manhattan, NYC,

Interested in getting an overview of global bioethics, human rights and public policy? A Manhattan-based not-for-profit organization, Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI), is organizing a summer school from July 23-August 3, in Manhattan, NYC,

GBI works closely with the United Nations and its agencies. GBI is dedicated to fostering public awareness and understanding of bioethical issues, and to exploring solutions to bioethical challenges. A member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), GBI also enjoys special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). We keep the international community, policy decision-makers, academia and the public informed of relevant issues, through educational activities, including annual summer programs.

In NYC we have access to world-renowned experts and world-class institutions. The summer school on global health and bioethics is open to students and professionals worldwide. The globalized nature of bioethics lends itself to a more collaborative and international educational experience in a global capital like NYC. The faculty includes bioethicists, lawyers, policy-makers, transplant surgeons, researchers and practitioners. Many serve on influential international and national boards, including the WHO, UNESCO International Bioethics Committee, and Doctors against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) .

Many young students take an interest in bioethics. We welcome students of all ages, as well as health care professionals, policymakers and journalists, but are especially aiming for students and postgraduates planning to work in academia, pharma, biotech, biomedical engineering, international agencies and health-related industries.

We welcome students to intern with us to actively participate in our programs, gain practical skills in organizing events, gain a greater understanding of the daily running of an NGO, and to have the opportunity to work alongside international organizations, including the UN and its agencies. We accommodate university/departmental requirements to receive internship school credit.

The summer lectures cover a wide range of controversial topics, such as embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, gene therapy, designer babies, markets in organs, euthanasia and the right to die, and human enhancement among others.

Over two weeks, we hold lectures from Mon-Thurs, field trips and networking events. Graduate certificates and partial scholarships are available. The partial scholarship registration deadline is July 5, 2018. Contact Ana Lita at alita@globalbioethics.org. Check out our website: www.summerschool.globalbioethics.org for more information.

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