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Drayton Manor | Big Kids Review

If you haven’t heard of Drayton Manor, you’ve obviously been living under rock! DM is one of the UK’s biggest theme parks that caters little kids and big kids alike.

The girls of WhatsOn headed to the theme park for a fun filled day of rides and games!

Drayton Manor was a fun-filled experience that provided us with all of the ingredients for a great day out. We laughed, we screamed, we cried (from happiness!) and after a full morning and afternoon of thrills we left feeling dizzy from the real adrenaline rush that we got from participating in the various rides on offer at this family-friendly theme park.

The Drunken Barrels had us shrieking as we were spun into a frenzy, the Apocalypse had us admiring the views of the site from a staggering height, The Haunting had us tentatively stepping from one zone to another with shaking floor boards, moving mirrors and of course, the spinning room!

The Accelerator took us on a backward launch whilst on a roller-coaster of joy and the Bounty Pirate Ship had us swinging, screaming and laughing with the other visitors! Pandemonium was our best (and worst!) ride, as the double gondola swing took us from left to right and all around with stomach-dropping swoops – at one point we were held upside down with a dramatic pause for effect – the excitement and adrenaline was immense! Stormforce 10 got us absolutely soaking, which is of course the funniest part about water rides. Not to worry though, a stint in the nearby dryer got us dry in a matter of minutes – and for just £2!

Before Stormforce 10

After Stormforce 10

Overall we had a wonderful trip leisurely walking around the park – after testing our limits on the high-thrill rides we took time out to browse the arcade & game stalls (which we sucked at), get into character and feel like a bad ass whilst shooting targets in a carriage during the Sheriff Showdown ride and, of course, made sure to take a pit-stop to enjoy a refreshing orange juice at one of the many conveniently located eateries the park has to offer.

There’s much more to see and explore within the Theme Park and we’ll definitely be returning to experience all the other activities we didn’t get chance to try out.

Thanks for a great day out!


> Hannah Montgomery > Sheridan Rudge 

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