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Legoland Windsor | Q-Bots Review

“Legolaaaaaannnddd!!!!!” This is the first thing you hear in unison by a flock of hundreds of happy kids as soon you enter what is called ‘The Beginning’.

We visited the attraction on a Saturday, which meant the park was extremely busy – the perfect setting to try the Q-BOT system that Legoland has implemented.

There are 3 types of Q-Bot: Regular, Express and Ultimate which give different amounts of waiting time:

The one we got to try out the Express

Legoland Windsor Q-Bot Prices – per person:

  • Q-Bot Regular – £20 – you can purchase Add-Ons which allow access to the Coastguard HQ and Laser Ridersrides and instant access to your first ride before 11am which are not included. These two rides make the “Express” a better value for money then the regular.
  • Q-Bot Express – £35 – gives you quicker access to 20 rides.
  • Q-Bot Ultimate – £80 – gives you the “near instant access to your favourite rides without the wait”

In addition to the above a £ 50 deposit is required for the Q-Bot device itself.


The resemblance to a Tamagotchi is undeniable which brings a little nostalgia to the older generation. The belt clip included was great for preventing grown-ups or kids to lose it (especially on rides like ‘The Vikings River Splash’ or the ‘Pirate Falls’).

The feeling of looking out at a huge line of people with bored to death kids and just walk straight to the beginning of the queue is of great satisfaction because it really works! With the Express q-Bots the waiting times were reduced in some situations more than 50%  which meant instead of waiting for the Vikings ride for 45 minutes we only waited 10!

The system is simple, you select which ride you want to book a time slot on, then confirm it on the Q-bot and it will give you a time for which you can join the ride. Better yet, if you are late, the system just updates itself for the next available slot.

I would highly recommend the use of the Qbots if you plan to head over to Legoland Windsor, especially on the summer months because it will give you a more enjoyable visit to Legoland, with minimal stress that accompanies queuing and your kids will surely appreciate it…the parents too!


Customer Satisfaction> *****
Quality> ****
Value for Money> *****

> Marcos De Melo

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