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Exhibition Raises Awareness of Endangered Animals

A powerful exhibition by artist Dan Pearce will open in Zebra One Gallery, London, next week, highlighting wildlife on the brink of extinction.

The exhibition will open on 27 June, and will present a series of 15 powerful artworks by the mixed media artist, who has switched from his iconic portraits to wildlife.

Dan’s style typically involves spray paint, aluminium and resin, but he has gone further for this animal series, using shattered glass and glass shards to echo the fragility of these animals’ future.

“The process was experimental, defining a process on each animal I created. I built up the glass layers, added spray paint, inks and set the mixed media in place using resin, as well as introducing materials like diamond dust and gold leaf,” he said.

The show has been put together in partnership with International Animal Rescue, and will feature amazing artworks of endangered species including African Lions, Grevy’s Zebra and Siberian Tiger, Asian Elephant, Giant Panda and ‘Sudan’ the last of the Northern White Rhinos.

Our closest animal relatives, the apes, make a big appearance with four of the pieces featuring different ape species, which are listed as “endangered”. Both the Sumatran and Bornean orangutans, which also make an artistic appearance, are “critically endangered” with Sumatran apes numbering to an alarming 14,600 individuals remaining.

Each of the original artworks will be sold for £1995, from which 20% of each purchase will donated to International Animal Rescue.

The exhibition will open from 28 June and will run for two weeks at Zebra One Gallery in Hampstead.

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