UK Games Expo 2018

This weekend the NEC was packed out once again as UK Games Expo came around. Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands more attendees came along for the weekend to experience so many different aspects of the tabletop gaming hobby.

UK Games Expo caters for everyone, because tabletop games are just so versatile, if you’ve only played Cluedo and Monopoly or if you’re a seasoned pro entering one of the many tournaments across the weekend, then there’s definitely something for everyone. With so many games of different varieties (board games, card games, dice rolling games, role-playing games…) and so many friendly exhibitors happy to explain and even test play with you there is ample opportunity for fun.

It’s definitely worth checking this wonderful event out, the sheer versatility of the platform means there is always something for everyone. Are you a military strategist who wants to crush your opposition in a game of tactics? Or do you want a co-operative experience that’s more relaxed? Or maybe you just want to try a game where you and another player try to make a relationship work by playing cards and voting on the outcomes (I tried this, it was so much more fun than I ever thought it would be!)

If you’re looking to shop, there’s also no end of nerdy memorabilia to tide you over, with a large supply of dice, books, clothes, plushies and so much more to choose from it’s incredibly easy to end the day with so much more than you planned to get!

It isn’t due to take place for another year now, but if this sounds even remotely interesting, make sure you keep an eye on it for next year. Each year is even bigger than the last and each year brings different new exhibitors and games forward, as well as some old classics.

Tabletop gaming has gone through a renaissance for the past 10 years or so and now there is just so much variety mechanically and thematically with it all you’re bound to have a great time!

> Mark Goddard

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