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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint During World Meat Free Week  

We are in the middle of World Meat Free Week, during which we should all try to swap one meal with a meat-free one to help reduce our carbon print!

Running from 11 June until 17 June, the global initiative aims to put a spotlight on the importance of reducing our meat intake for the sake of the planet.

This year’s initiative has already garnered support from UK singer songwriter and Strictly Come Dancing winner Jay McGuiness, Joanna Lumley and John Bishop.

“It’s so important that we seriously look at the impact meat production is having on our precious planet,” Jay McGuiness said. “By simply swapping to a meat free meal just once a week really can make a difference – it’s so easy to do!”

With the world’s population estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050, according to research, which means that we will need an extra 200 million tonnes of meat, if we don’t change our eating habits.

As it is now, meat production is already responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse emissions, which is more than all transport combined!

The livestock sector also takes up 30% of the Earth’s land surface, and requires 69% of the world’s global fresh water. Most of the deforestation in the Amazon (80%) is attributed to beef production. Research shows that with the current rate of population rise, we will have to change the way we think about food.

The good news, however, is that with just a simple change to one meat free meal during World Meat Free Week, we can make a huge change.

Switching to a plant-based diet can halve your carbon footprint, and can save greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to enough electricity to charge your mobile phone for two years.

Doing so would save us the the carbon equivalent of boiling a kettle more than 1 trillion times, and over 685 billion calories – that’s over 1.2 billion Big Macs.

World Meat Free Week is a registered charity aiming to encourage people around the globe to reduce their meat consumption. The initiative is in its fourth year, and will build on the success of last year’s World Meat Free Day which saw a reach of 200 million people globally.

For more information visit: worldmeatfreeweek.com.

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