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Perfectly Clear Flavoured Water Review

Perfectly Clear has just rebranded its range of crystal-clear waters. We were lucky enough to get our hands on 5 of their revamped products, and it is safe to say we were very impressed with the goods!

At first glance the bottles look great – the individual bottles are colourful, coherent and consistent as part of the overall range, and each has neat packaging and vibrant imagery.

Individually, I would say the Cherry water packs the biggest punch with its strong flavour and rich taste, so if you love the tang of sweet cherries then this particular variety is the one for you.

The Summer Fruits speciality is bold and tasty with the sweet taste and scent of seasonal berries, making this a superb choice for a hot summer’s day or an afternoon picnic.

The Strawberry flavour is subtle yet incredibly refreshing – this one is actually my favourite of the bunch, because it is fruity and fragrant but not overpoweringly so.

The Lemon & Lime is just as thirst-quenching as you would imagine, and the Sparkling Elderflower is distinctly flavoursome and lusciously light on the palate.

Overall, these drinks are the perfect balance between sweet and natural. They will keep you hydrated yet offer a good alternative to plain water with their delicate yet notable flavours.

What’s more, they contain no artificial colours or flavours, and they have absolutely no sugar content, making them healthy as well as delicious. These varieties of waters are an ideal low-calorie drink option that people of all ages can enjoy – we highly recommend Perfectly Clear to everyone!

Visit perfectlyclear.com for more information and check out their social media sites:

Instagram @PerfectlyClearOfficial
Twitter @Perfectly_Clear
Facebook @perfectlyclearofficial

> Hannah Montgomery

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