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The 1975 Band Helped Finance New LGBTQ Center for London

Manchester band The 1975 have contributed a significant donation to help finance a new LGBTQ+ community center for London that has resulted in the project reaching its collection target.

One of the project’s organizers, journalist and activist Michael Segalov, took the Twitter to share the news of the band’s donation after receiving a phone call from frontman Matty Healy.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: on Wednesday, I got a call from @Truman_Black – lead singer of The 1975. he called to say how important he and the band thought the @LdnLGBTQCentre project is, and asked how to help. he offered to take crowdfunder to £50k there and then!” said Michael Segalov.

The 1975, the chart-topping British band and the winner of the ‘Best Band Award’, helped the center to reach their target with a donation which is now on its way to raising almost £100,000 through Crowdfunding donations on Wednesday.

“You might wonder why it is needed, and even ask yourself what exactly is everyone still scared of, but sadly, I think stigma still exists even in London and we still have some way to go”, said Matthew Healy, the band’s front-man.

Healy said a large section of the 1975’s fanbase comes from the LGBTQ+ community so the decision to fund the centre had seemed a natural choice.

The London LGBTQ Community Centre, which was announced in April and has received high profile backing from the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Olly Alexander, will be a “completely accessible, multi-purpose space, run by and for LGBTQ+ people.”

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