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A New Way to Tackle Obesity by Converting Bad Fat to Good Fat

Scientists have evolved a thorough solution to treating obesity in which “dangerous” white fat is transformed into “good” brown fat tissue that burns energy way more rapidly.

Up to now the technology, which comes to changing fats cells in a bioreactor, has only been examined in human cells and in mice, but when the method is shown to work in human trials it will turn out to be an efficient treatment for diabetes and obesity.

Brian Gillette, a researcher at NYU Winthrop Hospital and founding father of the startup Ardent Cellular Applied sciences, mentioned: “The general idea of this tissue-based approach is that you can engineer the brown fat outside the body and return it as a transplant.”

This would avoid the use of weight control drugs, which will have damaging side-effects, and of invasive bariatric surgical procedure, which can also be dangerous and restricted in its effectiveness, he mentioned.
Maximum fats in the body is dangerous “white” tissue deposited across the waist, hips and thighs. However smaller quantities of energy-hungry “brown” fats also are found across the neck and shoulders and inside of white fat reserves. Brown fat generates heat by burning up extra energy. Gillette estimates that 50-100g of brown fat – the approximate quantity present in an adult – can account for 20% of an individual’s day-to-day calories expenditure. “It’s one of the most metabolic tissues in the body,” he said.

White fat can naturally transfer to become brown fat via cold exposure, and medicine may also be used to boost brown fats, however present medicines all have side-effects.

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