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EXCLUSIVE: Dragworld’s Crystal Lubrikunt – Drag Scene & Community Spirit

DragWorld UK is just around the corner. It is by far the biggest drag convention in the whole of Europe. This vibrant and lively celebration of everything LGBT and the world of drag queens will be happening from 18 – 19 August. In the run up to the biggest event on the drag scene we took the time to interview one of its stars, Crystal Lubrikunt, to find more about her participation in the celebrations…

Hannah Montgomery: Drag Queens are becoming more and more prominent as society becomes more accepting of those choosing to adopt more ‘alternative’ lifestyles. What are your thoughts on the current drag queen scene and do you think there is room for progression?

Crystal Lubrikunt: I think there is always room for positive progression; we’re incredibly powerful as a community right, perhaps the most powerful we’ve ever been as we’re back on commercial television, we’re on West End & Broadway but all of that was done way back when, I think now we’re a lot more informed and politically aware, especially in the world’s current state we’re a part of the biggest rebellion against hate & intolerance but there are still so many battles we need to fight with love so we shouldn’t ever lose hope or lose the yearn to progress into more positivity & equality.

Hannah Montgomery: What do you personally think it takes to be a ‘Queen’?

Crystal Lubrikunt: A queen? I think what it takes to do DRAG lies within ourselves as humans. It’s about enlarging a part of ourselves to a caricature level, and doing so unapologetically all with good intentions. It takes love in your heart, a positive drive, an open mind and a love for Drag.

Hannah Montgomery: What advice would you give to those who are interested in exploring the Drag scene but may be too self-conscious to?

Crystal Lubrikunt: Go for it, but don’t go alone; we are living in an age where we can go online and make friends through our common interests so if you’re a lone warrior in a small town, reach out and even if it’s someone you can call when walking to the bar for the first time to keep you company, that’s alright but I highly advise you find a friend to accompany you on your first night out. Support is so important and if you feel you have none? Honey, we’re all here for you, come find us!

Hannah Montgomery: Can you tell us about your involvement with DragWorld? What can we expect from your appearance?

Crystal Lubrikunt: This is my second time I’ve been booked at DragWorld so to be apart of this convention from the start is humbling as I’ll be able to see it flourish to the next level this summer. You can expect a lot more love, meet & greet’s, brand new merchandise exclusive to the convention-goers, surprises I can’t talk about just yet and shows upon shows!

Hannah Montgomery: What do you think makes DragWorld a great event to attend?

Crystal Lubrikunt: I think the prime factor that makes DragWorld so great is the audience they’ve aimed the event at and created; all ages. It isn’t an exclusive club or an age-restricted party, it is a safe space for our queer community and all those who align themselves with us to be their true, authentic self away from the close-minded and to just let loose and have a fabulous weekend with all us queens, kings and fabulous creatures.

Hannah Montgomery: The festival season is fast approaching…are there any festivals you will be looking forward to attending? Why do you think festivals are so successful?

Crystal Lubrikunt: I’ve been asked to do festivals in the past and still do but I simply can’t hack it! Mud & camping? Not for this queen! But I think the care-free, Love-filled atmosphere most festivals create like Bestival, Glastonbury and BoomTown is wonderful.

Hannah Montgomery: Do you have a life motto or ethic that you abide by?

Crystal Lubrikunt: Don’t be a dick!

Dragworld uk takes place in London on 18 & 19 August. You can purchase your tickets here

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