Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum

Sonargaon, Narayanganj

The museum is located on a picturesque fifty hectare piece of land that consists of breathtaking landscapes, peaceful artificial lakes and ponds, and of course the structures of the museum complex. The museum concentrates attention to the skills and expertise of the artisans and artists of the country. There are two Exhibition Galleries inside the museum. Both of them consist of some status showing the local life of Bangladeshi people, for example farming, woman working etc and exhibits wooden crafts, brass, bamboo and metal crafts, painted work, musical instruments, pottery, textiles, ornaments and much more.

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There is a art gallery of “Zainul Abedin” inside the museum area. Visitors also will find the miniature version of the several boats which are now a days vanished after competing with the mechanical vehicles. Other facilities at the museum complex include a crafts sales centre, restaurants, crafts village, library, rest house, documentation centre, stage etc.

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