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‘13 Reasons Why’ is Returning for a Third Season at Netflix

The popular and controversial teen drama series 13 Reasons Why is returning at Netflix for the third season which will consist of another run of 13 episodes and return in 2019, announced on Wednesday.

The streaming service dropped a teaser on social media via a short video clip of a Liberty High school locker with the number 3 sprayed on the front. Though its second season received mixed reviews, the fanbase of this series is still very much embracing the controversial show.

Despite being kind of a mess, the first season of ‘13 Reasons Why’ was plenty addictive thanks to its mix of grounded high-school drama and mystery. It was also hugely popular,continuing the “being a mess” part but without the addictive qualities.

The series creator Brian Yorkey will return as showrunner, from Paramount Television and Anonymous Content. Its third season is slated to begin filming later this year without original star Katherine Langford, who recently confirmed that she would be leaving after playing the tragic Hannah for the first two seasons.

The core cast, including Dylan Minnette (who plays Clay), Miles Heizer (Alex) and Alisha Boe (Jessica), among others are all expected to return.
As Hannah will not return which leaves room for 13 Reasons Why to focus on other storylines, such as Tyler’s (hopeful) rehabilitation, and what will happen to Chloe now that she’s pregnant with Bryce’s baby.

Season 1 was based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher, while Season 2 was an original story. Season 1 was highly controversial due to its depictions of teen suicide, but was nevertheless praised by most critics.

“I think 13 Reasons Why will always be an important part of my life. It was the first job I ever had”, said Langford while she bid farewell to the show “even if it’s in a small capacity, on social media”.

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