Wild Nothing- Indigo

Wild Nothing, the venerable dream pop project of Jack Tatum has announced a new album. It’s called Indigo and it’s out August 31 on Captured Tracks. He’s also shared the LP’s first single “Letting Go.” Speaking about the new album, Tatum said that he was aiming for a “classic studio record” kind of sound when he was composing and recording it.

“I wanted it to sound like a classic studio record, as close as I could get it there. It just boils down to me wanting to fit into some larger narrative, musically, in terms of these artists I love,” he said. “I think about how my music will age. Ideas of ‘timeless’ are going to be different — so if ‘Indigo’ is not timeless then it’s at least ‘out of time.”

> Shiuly Rina

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